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China User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about China.
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Great Hostel on the island

Try the Mount Davis Jockey Club hostel. It's a remote get-away that's in the hills above the city. It's possible to reserve private rooms for a family and to travel...more

Causeway Bay

Many travelers stay in Kowloon, but I'm a fan of Causeway Bay. It's not as frenetic and features great shopping, restaurants and easy access to everything. Get an accupressure...more

Hong Kong Must Do Tip

When leaving your Hotel in Hong Kong, have the Hotel write their address in Chinese for you because all the taxis, etc do not speak english and this way you can definitely be returned...more

Hong Kong Haircut

When in Hong Kong you have to get a local hair cut. One of the best deals around. They wash, cut, massage, wash again. The whole process is about an hour and only for about $10...more

user review | Shop: Silk (Xiu Shui) Market, Beijing

Bargain like a pro!

Better than start at a low bid, get interested in two articles and then convey that you are willing to purchase both. Offer a price which is 30% of the combined price asked. Then move...more

Skip East Nanjing Rd. in Shanghai

Especially if you're a single man travelling alone. The shopping was only giant bargain Chinese department stores and the louche women who "just want to talk" (no, I...more

A Great Hotel in Shanghai

If you can afford the $250 a night, by all means stay at the Langham Yangtze Boutique Hotel, 790 Hankou Road, just off People's Square. The rooms are elegant and spacious, the...more

user review | Hotel: Commune by the Great Wall Kempinski, Beijing


I was just recently at the Commune, and highly recommend it. The place is laid out in a beautiful, picturesque setting, and the contrast between the ultra modern designs of the...more

user review | Shop: Silk (Xiu Shui) Market, Beijing

Hard Bargaining

Visited Silk Market mid-July 2009. The less interested you seem the better the bargain. Always get vendors price 1st start maximum of 1/4 of that. Remember the same stuff is in the...more

user review | See + Do: Maglev Train, Shanghai

Maglev Train

This is the best value for travel in the world and completely painless. My business travels make me stay close to Pudong Airport and it's so easy to jump on the train an be...more

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