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Silk (Xiu Shui) Market, Beijing

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8 Xiushui Dongjie (at Jianguomenwai Dajie)
China's insider take:

Stiffen your bargaining spine for a visit to Beijing's indoor Silk Market, which, despite its name, is known for knockoffs, not silk. Five floors of stalls will accommodate all your faux-designer needs, with a dizzying array of men's and women's bags, shoes, and clothes. Though recent crackdowns on bogus brand names have made vendors cautious, display a hint of interest and the goods (fake Vuitton luggage, knocked-off-the-runway Chloé, Fauxlex watches) will come tumbling out of the cupboards. But this market is not for the faint of heart: The cramped floors crawl with stall owners screaming "Gucci! Prada!" and the first price quoted can be nearly as high as the real thing at Barneys. Be prepared for heated and relentless bargaining that will generally end with you paying more than you wanted to. The best deals are on the top floor, where you can score made-to-order prescription glasses for a steal.

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Bargain like a pro!

Better than start at a low bid, get interested in two articles and then convey that you are willing to purchase both. Offer a price which is 30% of the combined... more

Hard Bargaining

Visited Silk Market mid-July 2009. The less interested you seem the better the bargain. Always get vendors price 1st start maximum of 1/4 of that. Remember the... more