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Posted on: September 01, 2009 at 4:11PM

Is it easy to get around from town to town outside Corcovado? We would like to access the park from the North (Drake Bay) and from the South (Carate). Not sure how difficult the travel between these locations and Puerto Jiminez is. Thanks report a problem

Posted on: September 04, 2009 at 10:11AM

wow, they busted into rooms while people were sleeping in them. that's pretty creepy. we always use the safe for ipods, cell phones, passports, money, etc. so hopefully everywhere will have safes in the rooms. we've heard good things on the thorn tree forum about jinetes de osa, so we're planning on staying there for a few nights. we like that they can handle getting us a guide for corcovado, and for getting us out to cano island. my wife and i are both certified divers, so we plan on checking it out. i'm hoping that they will let our kids snorkel while we are diving. i'm not sure how, but after the few nights in drake bay, we want to get down to pt. jiminez and spend a few nights in that area. thanks for the warning on the boat ride to drake bay. i've seen pictures from a guy who has done that, and it does look like fun. we'll prepare for some sore butts.

Posted on: September 04, 2009 at 2:40AM

there is an island called cano island near drake bay and they offer premiere scuba diving there. apparently, its a really popular attraction down boyfriend and i didnt know that since we arent into the scuba scene. but i guess it was really neat and offered amazing scuba according to the other travelers. so maybe you might want to get everyone scuba certified before you go back to CR. one tip is that if your room does not have a safe, ask the hotel to hold your passports and valuables in their safes. BECAUSE the last night that we were at our hotel (jinetes de osa), 4 of the rooms got broken into in the middle of the night, with the guests IN THE ROOM sleeping. the robbers took all the money and thankfully left the passports in a pile near some stairs. it was supposedly the second break in theyve had in 13 years, but be sure to lock your doors and dont leave things lying around in your room. it really freaked us out that the robbers came in while the victims were sleeping; they slashed through the mesh windows that were open, silently broke through doors, and even walked into a room because the travelers forgot to lock their door. not to freak you out, but always be cautious!! ESPECIALLY since drake bay is a small town and only has 3 or so police officers. OMG, your kids will love the bug lady. i am terrified of insects and got talked into doing the bug lady tour, but it was so interesting and awesome. the kids will love it! and they can even touch/hold some of the insects once tracie has handled them. there is also a local beach which depending on where youre staying can take up to 35 minutes to get to. it took us roughly 20 minute from our hotel, jinetes de osa, to the beach. its nice and secluded but a little small. you can go horseback riding and i think canyoning. there really isnt much to do at night, theres only 1 restaurant in the town and 1 bar. OH yea, and our boat from sierpe to drake bay didnt have padded SUCKED. it was a 1.5-2 hour boat ride and our butts were soooooooo sore from all the waves. some of the boats have padding and some dont, so be prepared to rough it out. where else do you plan on going in costa rica and when do you plan on going??

Posted on: September 04, 2009 at 12:30AM

thanks again for the reply. we're members of the lonely planet forum site, and have posted a few questions about our upcoming trip. this will be our 2nd trip to Costa Rica, and the thorn tree forum on the Lonely Planet site has been very helpful. someone on that forum had recommended the bug lady tour, we have two kids ages 9 & 11 who i think will really enjoy the bug lady. any other drake bay, corcovado tips you have for us? thanks again

Posted on: September 03, 2009 at 7:41PM

we stayed in drake bay for 3 nights. we got there by boat from sierpe, because we were coming from manuel antonio. im not sure how much the boat ride cost from sierpe to drake bay, but the company/restaurant that we booked it with was called LAS VEGAS, which has a river view so you can see the boats dock in and out. the workers help you out and tell you when your boat has arrived. heres the website: . i suppose you can email them and hopefully get an estimate on the cost. check out the link and scroll down through the pictures and captions. also, have you heard of a website called LONELY PLANET ( its a EXCELLENT website for backpackers and travelers. people post tips and get questions answered in forums. my boyfriend and i used it a lot to plan our trip. the people on the website are really nice and willing to help fellow travelers. while you're in drake bay try and get on a night tour with TRACIE THE BUG LADY ( she was really cool, she talked about the insect and amphibian night life and how they relate and benefit society. it was one of the funner things i did in costa not sure why, but it was just really cool. good luck!!

Posted on: September 02, 2009 at 8:40AM

natalie, thanks for the info. we'll try getting in touch with jorge. how many nights did you stay in drake bay? how much did they charge for the boat ride to corcovado? thanks again

Posted on: September 02, 2009 at 1:56AM

heyyyyyyyyy Klavin. I actually went to Costa Rica this past June/July and I stayed at Drake Bay so I could get to Corcovado. When you book your hotel stay in Drake Bay, the hotel can assist you in getting to Corvocado by 1.5-2 hour boat ride. I stayed at Jinetes De Osa, which was a pretty neat and reasonable place. My boyfriend and I actually loved our tour guide in Corvovado and gave us his business card, heres his info: jorge soto osa trails-tour operators-drake bay- costa rica hopefully this helps!

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