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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Costa Rica.
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first time visit to Costa Rica

My wife and I are planning a trip to CR in April (our first visit). We are stating in a small property called Pachamama near Punta Uva. We have the usual trepidations about San Jose and...more

Private Villas ?

I am looking at all inclusive villas in El Ocotal, in Guanacaste. Many of these are private rentals. Has anyone had experience with this sort of thing in CR? Are they for real, is...more

Driving to Monteverde

If you've rented your own vehicle, which I suggest if youíre brave enough to tackle the non-existent traffic laws, spend the extra bucks and get an SUV when traveling to...more

What's upstairs at Pancho Villa's?

Unless you're looking for lovin' in all the "pay-for-it" places, don't go up the stairwell at Pancho Villas. Jaco Beach is a beautiful place to visit and the...more

No hot water? No problem!

If youíre staying in San Jose or most areas on the western coast, donít be deterred if a hotel does not have air conditioning or hot water in rooms. Chances are youíll be looking...more

Save some money to leave the country!

Make sure you hold onto enough money to leave the country. Costa Rica charges a "Departure tax/fee" that has increased throughout my years of traveling there. It's...more

Make Your Trip a SUCCESS!!!

Costa RIca is an amazing country, and if you have the good fortune to go, you will be in for a treat. Here are some tipsClimate: the central valley (San Jose and surronding areas) is...more

affordable paradise!

if i had two tips it would be these-one: if you're young and not traveling alone, its way more affordable to get a local run hotel room than a chain-i stayed at an inn on the beach...more

A few Costa Rica tips for the non-Ticos!

We discovered several tips during our Costa Rica tour that were told to us by a local driver we hired for part of our trip.When you're driving in Costa Rica, particularly on the...more

Securing valuables while on the beaches

The best advice while visiting the beaches of Costa Rica is to keep your valuables to a minimum. Put them in a small ziplock. While you are setting up your beach blanket and securing...more

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