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Knossos Palace, Iraklio

Iraklio , Crete
Greece's insider take:

At the risk of sounding pedantic, pronounce it with a short "o," NOS-us, and keep in mind that this site is not a faithful re-creation but an amateur archaeologist's perhaps overly fanciful vision of what it might have looked like, and you'll start well ahead of most visitors in your understanding of Knossos Palace. Despite the crowds, Knossos, about three miles south of Iraklio, is worth a few hours' visit for the insight it provides to an advanced civilization, the Minoan (2700 to 1450 B.C.), that predates even the ancient Greeks. Probably once leveled by a wall of water generated by the eruption of the Santorini volcano, Knossos was, at least in Greek legend, home to the Minotaur, a creature half man and half bull imprisoned in the palace's labyrinth by King Minos. But what most impresses the majority of visitors is that Knossos shows evidence of having developed something rarely achieved even in Greece today: plumbing that works. Not developed, though, is signage. To know what you are looking at, consider hiring one of the on-site guides—though not all are as knowledgeable as the guidebooks.

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