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Posted on: November 05, 2008 at 10:24PM

Many aspects of Croatian culture can be compared to other Mediterranean destinations such as Italy, or Greece; however, there is something undefinable that sets it apart from any other country. A large part of what makes the country spectacular is that although it is a single country with similar architecture spread across its coast, even the Adriatic cities differ from each other and you will find it less hemogenous as you go inland. Culture and architecture also depends on with which other countries are closest to your location. In order to get a true feel of Croatia, one should plan a trip of at least two weeks. It is not too hard to hit the southern, more coastal cities, as they country's width is very narrow compared to its upper half. I recommend taking about a week and starting from Dubrovnik, one of the southern most cities and working your way up along the coast and onto the Istrian peninsula. From there it is best to head east to Zagreb, the capital city. Use this as your base to travel to the other cities in the upper half of the country. One might venture up to Kumrovec, the birthplace of Tito. About two-three hours away is Plitvice, a national park containing some of the most gorgeous chains of waterfalls and lakes. There are so many great places this country has to offer. The best time to travel is during spring, or very early fall. If you want to ski then it isn't too hard to find places near Zagreb, or you can travel up to the Slovenian Alps, or hop a half-day train to Sarajevo, Bosnia and ski at the site of the 1984 Winter Olympics. Summer no doubt has the best weather, but also the highest prices. Everything is practically doubled for tourist season. One can easily spend a large sum of money on knick knacks and fashion. Croatia is a great place to buy modern clothing because they have many of the same stores as major metropolitan cities; however, prices are a bit better. My major tip is to take out your suitcase and lay out all the clothes you think you'll need. Then put aside all the money you think you will need. OK, here's the trick. Get rid of half the clothes and double your money. There, now you're ready for a Croatian vacation. report a problem

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