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Nostromo Restaurant, Split

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Disagree completely with Rcavalcanti

Posted on: June 11, 2009 at 3:58AM

By Guest

I have had the pleasure of eating at Nostromo numerous times over the past 5 years traveling to Split. As an American married to a Croatian, I have learned about the beautiful seafood in Dalmatia. Nostromo's food is exceptional quality, with the freshest fish cooked in the most "naked" manner, using local dalmatian olive oil and locally sourced vegetables (Blitva especially). I was concerned and surprised to read Rcavalacanti appears to have missed the opportunity to truly appreciate a wonderfully prepared meal, focusing more on the cost of the meal. (Note to travelers: Croatia is not a cheap place to get a budget meal). Perhaps Rcavalcanti assumed he would get a cheap fish meal. Pity he did not take the opportunity to observe that the owner of the restaurant is also a passionate art collector, and proudly presents and sells some of the top artists from Croaita (such as Mersad Berber, Murtic, Sadic....). For the readers, I would have to say that if the President of Croatia enjoys eating there, and if the owner has won the Golden Chef of Croatia three times running, then something's got to be going well. Regarding the dog, I also inquired when I was there and happen to know that this dog is the owner's, and that the kitchen is an open kitchen to the eating area...a bit of an over reaching statement to suggest that a dog is running around the's not relevant and a bad attempt to smear a fantastic restaurant! I encourage anyone to not let the modest interior limit their ability to open their cultural taste palat, enjoy the true Dalmatian seafood that Nostromo has to offer.

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