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Mykonos + Santorini User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Mykonos + Santorini.
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A Perfect Day in Santorini!

I visited Santorini recently as a cruise passenger, along with my husband. Id heard about all the crowds and lines, so I did a lot of planning in advance. I realize for a crowded...more

Oia Sunset

For anyone going to Santorini, my best recommendation is to go to the top of Oia for a spectacular sunset view. You can take the most amazing photos of your life if you wait until just...more

Santorini Archaeological sites

Akrotiri and Old Thira are the most relevant arquelogical sites in Santorini. Akrotiri is closed and it has been closed for at least three years. As for Ancient Thira, this site closes...more

The Best Place to Swim on Santorini

The most enjoyable part of our visit to Santorini was at Amoudi, a small village below Oia. Swimming in the translucent, bracing water was exhilirating. Use swim goggles or a snorkle...more

getting around in mykonos-best beaches

when arriving in mykonos you can make your way along the coast - once at the center of town head north through the winding streets and make a series of left turns as heading uphill...more

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