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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about England.
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Is The Isle of Wight Becoming a New Celebrity Mecca?

For those of you that donít know, the Isle of Wight is a small island situated around 2 miles off the south coast of England. You can reach it via several ferry services or even by...more

Learning London Leisurely

Whether you debark at Gatwick (outside London) or Heathrow (inside London and on the Tube = subway system)or even from Victoria Station, the best tools to have in your pocket,...more

Shanghai Expo 2010--real china fact tour

Did anybody experience China fact tour? Has anyone been to Shanghai,China?How about Guilin? If you say "No". It is a pity! On May 1, I visited both of it. It is amazing! China...more

Cool Bar filled with Rock Stars

I Stayed at the Manderian Oriental Hotel in London. The is a beautiful Old Hotel that has one of the coolest Jazz bars in the Hotel. While I was there in the Bar were the Red Hot Chili...more

If you want see something that very few get to see

If you are planning a trip to London at least a month in advance, then write ahead to get tickets to The Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London. It happens every night (no matter...more

London Theatre - Best Value for Your Money

A trip to London should definitely include a show. If you are purchasing your tickets before you arrive, be sure to check out before you buy them. This...more

Cheap or Free in London

For free, the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower is fun, but you have to write for tickets and they only let about 15 people in to see the Tower get locked up for the night. The...more

Best resturant in London! Scotts!

If one is looking for a fantastic meal and love forties-style deco and stars spotting one should choose Scotts in Mayfair, London. Outstanding seafood is served with elegance and...more

Ceremony of the Keys

Don't miss a chance to see the Ceremony of the Keys at The Tower of London. To obtain access to the Ceremony, you must request to be admitted by writing a letter to the Govenor of...more

Cultural Freebie in London

Pick up a Metro (free paper) at any tube station to find all the free exhibitions, reduced rate theatre tickets, fashion/ health and beauty events, clubbing events, concerts, family...more

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