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Likuliku Lagoon - feedback please - urgent!

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Posted on: February 15, 2009 at 7:34AM

Fiji - Likuliku Lagoon Resort - feedback / opinion please - urgent! My brother and sis-in-law have (tentatively) booked Likuliku for their upcoming wedding anniversary in May 2009... I request in-depth and impartial feedback from past guests at Likuliku (as some reviws have pointed these following drawbacks at Likuliku): 1) the resort island is not your typical "tropical paradise" covered with lush forest and waterfalls ... it has mostly dry scrub jungle (forget even thinking about waterfalls, like those on Taveuni island!) 2) the beach at Likuliku is covered with rough, coarse sand and some thorny weed(!) .. forget walkin' barefoot on this sand! the resort is not your typical, dreamy South Seas white sand beach paradise.. 3) the oft-repated complaint that, more than at other Fijian resorts, the low tide at Likuliu really is a big let-down for guests as half the time, guests are staring at the empty lagoon with the exposed hard coral (depressingly Martian landscape?) extension, the over-water bures are a joke, as half the time, they are just over-rocky coral bures! so that the time when the lagoon empties itself out, you can't dive/snorkel/swim but walkin' on rock-hard, sharp coral ... not a pleasant proposition for a couple intending to enjoy a South Seas aqua-paradise... 4) the complaint that the cuisine is more global than local (native Fijian)...that you never get to taste the native cuisine and are served a typical western diet 24/7.. 5) that food is served according to a regimented, disciplinary schedule and is not allowed to be served outside of such regimented hours! 6) that there is no interaction with any native Fijian population on the island (is there any native village at all on the island?)... are guests allowed to go on hikes or go on nature trails within the island(if at all any forest worth its name is present, that is!)? 7) the nightly nuisance of stone-hard fruit dropping off on the roofs of over-water bures (with the resident bat population wreaking havoc - of course, it's but thier island, you see!) 8) the absolute lack of privacy with the bures placed too near for individual privacy (over-water bures too!) 9) absolutely no shade on the beach ... not your typical tropical beach paradise with swaying palms skirting the beach and providing ample shade under which guets can relax (in particular, is there any risk of getting 'roasted alive' walking on an unshaded beach under a scorching tropical sun and staring at an equally depressing emptied-out rocky coral-filled lagoon, bereft of all water? 10) that the all-inclusive packages are exclusive of all/any drinks except water?! if so, does ordering drinks (alcoholic/non-alcoholic) cost us the moon? 11) does Likuliku have any postives, if at all? Please give your invaluable feedback...In fact, would the foll. resorts be a far better choice for my broother/sister-in-law on their anniversary vacation to Fiji in May .. Yasawa, Wakaya, Royal Davui, Papageno, Tokoriki, Taveuni Palms, Taveuni Island Resort, Mataanoa, Vatulele, Namale, Matangi Island, Vomo, Wadigi and Qamea...Which amongst these would classify to be a perfect South Seas tropical beach/island vacation paradise fit for honeymooners or anniversary couples... Thanks in advance.. report a problem

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