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Posted on: July 16, 2009 at 11:59PM

by madfelice
We booked and paid for 2 cruises during our holiday in Fiji. For the first cruise we were told the wrong pick up time and missed the cruise through no fault of our own. Disappointed adults and children, but assurances that there would be a refund and that we could still go on the other cruise in 2 days time. Time for the other cruise and when the paperwork at the dock is done and everyone is issued with their wristbands, we are suddenly told that this cruise is in fact not running today in spite of the fact that we had booked and paid for it a month prior through the company's website. No refund was given for either event and we were never contacted by the company in spite of repeated assurances that we would be. This company is dishonest ant quite frankly little better than common thieves. DO NOT RISK USING THEIR SERVICES.