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Mas du Clos de l'Escarrat, Jonquières

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Our experience was amazing

Posted on: May 13, 2010 at 3:50AM

By Guest

When we first looked at the reviews, we wondered how this place could consistently rate 5 out of 5 with all its visitors. Well during our stay, here is what we discovered. First there is the truly remakable, tranquil setting next to the vinyards on the edge of a quaint town, and just a short drive to a number of historic and cultural attractions. Very convenient location. There is also the comfortable and inviting room that was to be our home for a far too brief period. It was a spacious, comfortable and well appointed accomodation worthy of any weary traveller. There was the excellent meal prepared by a truly talented, if modest, chef (Andree). It was a meal that equaled or exceeded any we had in our three weeks in Europe including those at some fairly high-end establishments. Let's not forget the excellent wines we had. We also took the guided wine tour by Charles. We have taken other wine tours, but have not had anyone talk about the science of wine making in such an easy to understand way, yet with such compassion. We learned more about wines in that afternoon than we had in all the other tours we have taken. Yes all those were factors that contibute to a very well deserved 5 out of 5. What truly sets this establishment apart from all the others is its hosts; Charles and Andree. When we left we did not feel like we were leaving behind the innkeepers, but rather we were saying farewell to warm and welcoming friends. They are friends that we will certainly urge our other friends to go and visit and get to know. We have continued to travel throughout Europe, and have stayed in many wonderful and inviting places. Our love of the Mas du Clos de l'Escarrat has not diminished and we do look forward to returning soon.

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