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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about France.
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Best advice I ever got was to learn a few phrases of where I am--especially which suggest that I do not understand, but am trying to learn--take out my pocket dictionary to show that I...more

TGV ... World's Fastest Train..

On 3 trips to France..we have fallen in love with the TGV..the world's fastest train. See the sights in Paris..then ..plan on trips like ...3-4 hours to Provence...the...more

Museum Survival With Kids

This is not just a Paris tip but there you have it. When we brouht our children to Paris when they were young (8,6 & 2) we started our museum adventures with a trip to the gift...more


The best way to really enjoy Paris is to rent an apartment instead of that small hotel room (smaller than U.S. rooms) that sometimes doesn't even have a table to sit at. Walking...more

Useful Souviners

When we were in Paris we bought some beautiful scarves from street vendors. Now, back in San Francisco, every time I wear that scarf I remember Paris in April.We also brought home some...more

Tour du Mont Blanc

Skip Paris this time, and experience the Alps! The Tour Du Mont Blanc is one of the world's most famous treks. Ten days of hiking takes you to three different countries and...more

When traveling with the kids...

Always remember, when traveling with children, it is far cheaper to bring the nanny than to replace the artwork.   more

Coffee Savings

Ok..I am NOT cheap...but not stupid either. We have stayed at the GRAND INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL..3 times now (LOVE THIS HOTEL) ..but a pot of coffee delivered..(2 small cups ..for 2...more

Parisi Tribe ...where it all started

A few hundred feet..directly in front of Notre Dame Cathedral..there is an entrance (underground) ...that takes you to where Paris began...about 2000 years ago. Well worth the few euros...more

Artists by the Hundreds !!

If you are looking for local " starving " artists..and thousands of choices...all in one place...try the artist stands adjacent to Sacre the Monmartre..area..North...more

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