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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about France.
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Be aware of the people near you and your family...

Recently while I was in Nice, France,... early in the morning about 9 AM I was sitting near the Sea with my back facing the water. I was waiting on the rest of my tour group to go to...more

Friends Don't Let Friends...

Or to be more accurate, in my case, "daughters don't let their mothers..." plug in a 120 volt hair dryer in a 220 volt Paris hotel outlet, unless it's part of your...more

Paris was wonderful

But you must be careful..they have this scam..they pretend to find a gold ring..and ask if its yours. When you say no, they show it to you and ask you to please keep it. And then ask...more

Paris Vacation Rentals

Has anyone forgone the traditional hotel vacation for an apartment vacation rental in Paris? My husband and I will be there from for 8 nights the first week of April and are interested...more

Be Vigilent!!!

While visiting Disney in Paris, my son and I took the train into Paris. The system was clean & well lite. We toured Paris and had a wonderful time until we went to board the...more

train station alert

Never put your passport and your money in the same place. If you get robbed, you will not lose everything.Do not use a video cam corder in a train station.I was stopped by Police in...more & easy

we have been to Paris 3 times...and use the "hop on-hop off " service of the Grayline. You never get tired..and get off and on ...anywhere you please...and it is very...more

Gadgets to Go

When traveling to Paris, or anywhere in Europe, I always save room for my do-it-yourself kit. Included in the kit are many items, which with time and money, could be obtained in...more

Driving in Paris

There are a few cities in the world I just prefer NOT to drive in. New York, London ever again, and Paris. I want to spend my time enjoying myself not all stressed out. So, do what my...more

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