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Ordinary steel and alloy steel plate four big difference

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Posted on: September 05, 2012 at 9:39PM

The appearance of the steel plate is we human beings in the process of industrialization a milestone, is precisely because of the application of steel plate can we build so beautiful buildings. But with the development of The Times ordinary carbon steel plate cannot have very good to meet us, so we are now had adopted the new alloy steel plate. That let's take a look at these two steel plates which are different. First, let's look at the ordinary steel plate, the plate is to use steel casting, and cooling pressing into, this kind of steel is the main component of carbon steel. In our productivity is not high, this plate with its excellent toughness and strength became our main plank. And then we'll see alloy steel plate, the so-called alloy steel plate is in making this kind of plate, need to be in the basis of carbon steel to join other metal elements or alloy element, then pouring, cooling, pressing and become. This kind of steel plate than ordinary steel plate can meet our proposed higher request. So also give us in the design and construction of the time have more circuitous and development space. So the two of the largest steel different place what? Understanding these we can know that these two kinds of steel price what is the primary difference between. In fact the two important have five different: First, the chemical composition, it is not difficult to understand, ordinary steel its chemical composition is a single, it is just a carbon and iron consists of. And alloy steel plate is according to different design requirements and construction requirements to allocate its chemical composition, different design requirements will affect alloy steel plate in the choice of adding alloy elements. Second, strength, because ordinary steel plate is a single carbon steel is made and become, then its internal molecular force is very single, this also makes the steel plate with intensity is very limited, there is no better development. But alloy steel plate is different, this kind of steel plate for joined many other elements, it also makes the internal molecular structure extremely complex, and at the same time, its internal molecular force also become very strong. It also gives the steel plate in the strength aspect more ascension, and because of this steel alloy element of fluidness it in the strength development pre-rooney as well. Third, resistance to high temperature, we use the steel plate sometimes is exposed to outdoor or there is a very high temperature, but our ordinary steel plate in the high temperature resistant property is very weak, this is mainly because the composition of carbon and iron combining ability is very weak. But alloy steel plate is solved this problem, because other alloy element to join our alloy steel plate in the metallic element combining aspects had very good solve. Fourth, wear resistance and special electric magnetic etc., carbon steel in this regard is relatively poor because in manufacturing this kind of steel plate often to keep good toughness, so we will reduce the iron to join. Not enough because it makes this steel plate in the wear resistance and special electric magnetic etc is very weak, but alloy steel plate is different because other alloying elements to join, so that the original iron element in the shortage of has made a lot of improvement it better to complete customer's special requirements. article from: report a problem

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