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Not the best

Posted on: July 10, 2013 at 8:58AM

By Guest

Having eaten at Hugos in Berlin I have to agree with the review of schaeffa, and I cannot stand arrogance. When comparing to what I felt was the best evening we spent in Berlin, at Franke Brassiere, the experience, food and drinks at Franke was far superior. At Hugo, we waited for so long for our meals, the atmosphere was not friendly and flat. Frankeís was lively and a nice experience. The food was also so much better at Franke, cooked fresh in the open kitchen made it feel a little more special. The bar drinks were also great, a large choice of beers, wines champagnes and cocktails. Overall, I donít think that you can compare the quality between the two, Franke is the winner each time and is also much cheaper.

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