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White Trash Fast Food, Berlin

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Posted on: October 28, 2009 at 1:28AM

By Guest

Probably the best venue I've ever been in... No frills, just fun, Excellent place to start the night. The decor is so interesting. Upstairs you have this eclectic saloon type atmosphere reminiscent of a speakeasy, and downstairs a dungeon/cave type theme. (The bar actually has bars on it). The night I went the music also kinda stuck to the atmosphere. Upstairs was a band with an upright bass and I believe there might have been a washboard involved. While downstairs in the cave was more rock and electronic. (needless to say I don't remember much of the night). We left around 1 or 2 AM. and went to a club called Watergate, a more techno-type club. Watergate is an excellent place to end your night because you can sit along their huge wall of windows and watch the sunrise over the river Spree. Also a good note: After a certain time, (I believe 23:00, could be wrong) taxis have some sort of flat rate travel. (great insider tip i learned after an argument over a taxi fare where a cab driver tried to scam me by circling a block 4 times) Enjoy!

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