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Germany User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Germany.
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24 Days in Scandinavia and Berlin

In the middle of August 2010, we went on a family trip two parents with a toddler that was almost 3, for an RV trip in Scandinavia.We rented the RV well ahead from...more

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Ordinary steel and alloy steel plate four big difference

The appearance of the steel plate is we human beings in the process of industrialization a milestone, is precisely because of the application of steel plate can we build so beautiful...more


Keep your watch accurate while in Germany if you plan to use the trains. Germany's train schedule is punctual.   more


Best advice I ever got was to learn a few phrases of where I am--especially which suggest that I do not understand, but am trying to learn--take out my pocket dictionary to show that I...more

berlin Taxi Tour

We managed to get lost on the East side of Berlin; We hailed a taxi driver, who let us enjoy our German beer in his back seat, while giving us a tour on the way back to the West side....more

best advice for berlin travel

berlin is a very exspensive place but pretty easy to get around i reccomend going by subway because if you take a cab you will be charged about six euro as a starting rate and extra for...more

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