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BMW can't hold up to their name

Posted on: September 5, 2012 at 4:49PM

by nadermouwad76
my name is nader Mouwad my phone number is 508 916 1010. I bought a BMWX5 still under the manufacturer's warrenty coverage. The engine light came on code (2A16DMTL) more than four times , it also failed inspection because of that.I went to the dealership in Norewood MA to get it fixed and they kept telling me the same thing everytime. " we have our best tech working on it right now as well as con tacting the BMW factory ." After that they would shut off the light , tell me it was fixed, and after driving for a few miles the light would always come back on. I'm so dissapointed that they can't fix their own problems especially with such a great name that they have. I got all my documents and repair invoices together and gave them to my attorney so he can deal with them. I'm sure I will update you as to what will come of this. This is just a little message to everyone, becareful. 09/05/12