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Granada, Spain city of Pomegranates

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Posted on: May 07, 2010 at 10:54AM

Did you know that in Spanish Granada means pomegranate? When walking around the city you will see pomegranates all over the place. The small pylons along a lot of streets are topped with pomegranates, loads and loads of the ceramic street signs have pomegranates on them and even on some of the manhole covers you will see pomegranates. In Granada the earth is made up of lots of small stones and some soil. The stones are called chinos and in many parts of the old city you will see very intricate paving done with these small stones and one very common feature of the paving is pomegranates! I know it's the wrong time of year for pomegranates but it's interesting none the less no? At this time of year Granada is teeming with life. Granada chef has been out and about looking at all of the lovely spring food. At the moment the Asparagus spears from Huetor Taja, about 30mins west of the city, are magnificent. I love making asparagus soup, the recipe in the Soup Kitchen cookbook is terrific! The Alcachofas or Artichokes are also gorgeous at present and has been enjoying pan frying them with lots of olive oil and rock salt. Delicious! As you go around the country side near the city, Granada Chef s will be pleased to see all of the road side stalls that the local farmers set up to sell their fresh produce. The broad beans are now out in full force and you may even see a horse/mule or donkey trotting along pulling a cart full of broad beans behind. It's also common to see an old farmer with a big basket on his back full the of the delicious long green pods. Here in Granada the most typical dish that a Granada chef would cook with broad beans is the Habas con Hamon(beans with ham). It's not really my cup of tea but I know that lots of people like it. Overcooked beans with loads of olive oil and chunks of Spanish ham. Not for me thanks. Not far from the city down towards the coast is the Lecrin Valley famous for it's oranges and lemons. A few weeks ago the roads out near Huetor Vega and Monachil were chockers with people selling the delicious citrus fruits. The other thing that is on sale at the road side stalls are the new season white onions. I've not tried any yet but they must be good. The strawberries have started too. Mostly they are grown in the province of Huelva, past Seville and on the way to Portugal. Some are nice and sweet already. The Polakas will be busy picking. My car broke once in that area and the tow truck driver reckoned that the Polish pickers were great fun. The grape vines are starting to be covered in leaves and the tiny grapes are beginning to form. Oh, that reminds me, granadachef should make some delicious Dolmades with the new vines leaves. mmmmm Over the back fence the old farmers fig tree is starting to be laden with fruit and the leaves are giving great shade to the terrace. His potato plants are looking great as does his big chamomile patch and the new garlic. It won't be long now until the real heat kicks in, then we'll be all off in the Granada chef van to the freshly filled dam for a nice swim. I must head up to Guejar Sierra one of these days to see how the cherries are coming along. I guess we'll have to wait a couple of months until we'll be slurping down the juicy sweet fruit. There are unlimited supplies of free cherries here at the right time of year as it's more expensive to pick the cherries and sell them than it is to leave them on the trees. So, I guess you must getting a bit of a picture in your mind of what it's like here at the moment in Granada Spain. Come on down, you'll have a great time! report a problem

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