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Netrate Concepts greek Islands

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Posted on: September 27, 2012 at 12:55AM

Finding top destination for travel can be quite simple. Take a look at the internet, talk to your friends or simply dream of what you want to see and you will more than likely be looking at at least a dozen amazing ideas for your next vacation. That being said, there is always a desire for travelers to follow the trends in travel offering up the most popular destinations for travel this year and where everyone else is going. Leading us to take a look at some of these destination listed as ‘the best’ for travel in 2012. To begin our journey into the best of the best, we invite you to take a look at one destination making waves in the travel world this year, the Greek Islands. A great place to see and explore, take a look at this top destination and what makes it stand out above the rest. An Overview Of The Greek Islands A group of over 6,000 islands located in the Aegean sea, the Greek Islands encompass a large area generally grouped into clusters of islands including Argo-Saronic Islands Cyclades North Aegean islands Dodecanese Sporades Ionian Islands From here, it can be broken down even further in that only 227 of the 6,000 islands are inhabited and of those there are around 10 which are consider tourist destinations. These popular Greek Islands include: Santorini Crete Corfu Rhodes Mykonos Paros Skiathos Ios Naxos Sifnos Rich in history, stunning natural beauty and a part of legends and lore throughout the ages, the Greek Islands are quickly growing in popular for travelers from around the world. Until recently, the Greek Islands were not on the radar of the typical U.S. traveler, however, today, as people search for new and amazing places to visit, Greece has made its presence known offering some of the most amazing views, popular sites and influential places in the history of the world. Travel Tips For Visiting Greece Getting Around – Planning your trip to Greece can be logistical difficult if you plan on visiting more than just one island. An integral part of travel in Greece, the islands have a diverse boat system including hydrofoils, catamarans and of course, ferries, but you better make sure you know the schedules or you may easily miss the boat, both figuratively and literally. In addition, research carefully as many of the top sites have boat tours that will take you directly too them if you are interested. Money – Euros and only Euros are accepted when it comes to currency in the Greek Islands. In addition, most restaurants do not accept credit cards, so you will need to exchange your money. There are banks on the islands to help but there are now also ATMs as well making this simpler. Language – The language of the Greek island is (drum roll), Greek. You will also be pleased to know that English and German are also widely spoken in the main areas making communication a bit simpler. The steady weather, year round tourist industry and the huge number and variety of both accommodations and destinations makes travel to Greece a good experience year round. Plan your trip based on your interests and make sure to make the most of your vacation experience. report a problem

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