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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Greece.
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The "other" Greece

When you travel to Greece (best months are immediately before or just after the summer tourist season - April, May, September, October), remember that it isn't just an "island...more

Love Hydra....('s a secret)

The quick hydrofoil ferry goes to the small island of Hydra... a place to cars, bikes, blades. Swim off beach. Blue and white prevail. Beautiful views from the...more

Tips for Italy

Tip #1 I always pack a "mailing tube" to roll up any local artwork I might buy. I can use the tube beforehand to carry change and laundry products for doing my laundry.Tip...more

Step back in mystery, in time

If you are male (alas, the entire holy mountain, Agion Oros, or Mt. Athos peninsula is restricted as it has been for 100 years to males), you should consider the monastic land, a...more

Don't forget Skaithos

This is considered one of the green islands. There is an abudance of green from olives, figs, and more. A beautiful island with lots to see and beautiful beaches!   more

Agape Love to Mykonos

According to legendary Greek mythology, the island of Mykonos was named suitably for the heroic icon Mykonos grandson of Apollo. At daybreak the rays of the coral sun shines on the...more

The Oracle says go!

I studied abroad in Greece the summer after my junior year in college and we traveled the country of Greece from top to bottom and side to side! I saw many many things on that trip,...more

Amoudara, Crete

Stay at a bed and breakfast-like hotel, Hotel Handakas in Amoudara on the island of Crete. The staff are totally sweet and cater to your needs.'s a big travel tip,...more

Learn at least 10 basic Greek words or phrases...

I've always told anyone who is traveling to Greece (or any foreign country) to learn at least 10 basic words or phrases in Greek, such as, hello, goodbye, please, thank-you, excuse...more

Best time to travel to Greece (or anywhere)...

If you have some flexibility in your travel sure to consider traveling when the moon turns full. It is an awesome sight no matter where you are on your vacation and in many...more

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