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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Greece.
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The Best Place to Swim on Santorini

The most enjoyable part of our visit to Santorini was at Amoudi, a small village below Oia. Swimming in the translucent, bracing water was exhilirating. Use swim goggles or a snorkle...more

getting around in mykonos-best beaches

when arriving in mykonos you can make your way along the coast - once at the center of town head north through the winding streets and make a series of left turns as heading uphill...more

The most beautiful view from a restaurant

In all my travels, the finest view and experience I have had from a restaurant is at the top of Lycabettus Hill in Athens. Take the funicular to the top and reserve a table at the wall...more

Thessaloniki Hyatt Casino

My (now) husband and I went to Greece after Graduate school and visited the city of Thessaoliniki in Northern Greece. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit and I highly recommend...more

user review | Eating: Avli Fusion Enoteca, Rethymno


I would like to share for all the interested public the awful experience we had in so-called ‘exclusive Avli Restaurant’ in Rethymo, Crete on 19th of September 2008.Although the Hotel...more

More than just islands

Budget minded travelers can experience all the beauty of Greece by traveling smart on the mainland. Halkidiki, a bus ride from Salonika airport, is a beautiful vacation spot where you...more

Affordable Greek Isles

I often tell friends and family that I left my heart in Greece. And while I don't have one drop of Greek blood in my rich heritage, I fell in love with this beautiful country and...more

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