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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Greece.
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In these islands, especially on the beaches, there are many forigners, especially from Africa who will try to sell you their gifts. I had a Senegal lady sell me 2 beautiful braclets...more

Would like some suggestions

I'm taking my son to Greece next year and am trying to decide whether we should go in March on his spring break or wait till the end of May when he's out of school. I'm...more

planning a trip to the Greek Isles?

My family and I wanted to travel to the Greek Isles, but were not interested in taking a cruise. After finding very little information from US travel agents or websites, we turned to a...more

More than just islands

Budget minded travelers can experience all the beauty of Greece by traveling smart on the mainland. Halkidiki, a bus ride from Salonika airport, is a beautiful vacation spot where you...more

Affordable Greek Isles

I often tell friends and family that I left my heart in Greece. And while I don't have one drop of Greek blood in my rich heritage, I fell in love with this beautiful country and...more

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