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Wine Tasting in the Hamptons, Hamptons

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Wine Tasting on the East End

Posted on: December 20, 2011 at 2:50PM

By Guest

Continuing our wine tour, I am moving the wine tour onto the North Fork, where the majority of wineries are located. If you do cross Shelter Island, stop at Mareka's for antiques. When you reach Greenport, lunch at Noah's is always great. The Old Field provides a bucolic old time location. Shinn has carved out quite a niche for themselves with their dio-dynamic approach to wine making. Waters Crest has some great wine, as does Laurel Lake and Sherwood House. Spakling Pointe is an all sparkling winery. If you want a quality stay, and you should, stay at The Stirling House or Morning Glory B&Bs. Dine at The Frisky Oyster, The Farmhouse (amazing) and North fork Oyster Co. or North Fork Table. If you want a trip where everything is all thought out and taken care of for you, and no drinking and driving - take a Vine Time tour, which is the best of the best. If you go around Riverhead, dine at tRP (the Riverhead Project) on your way around. See you soon!

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