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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Hawaii.
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A Luau for Adults - the Feast at LeLe

The typical luau may be overrated for honeymooners or couples without children. For those type travelers, I recommend visiting the sister luau to the Old Lahaina Luau - the Feast at...more

best tip for travel

When your travel includes several plane changes, always put a copy of your itenerary along with your name and phone number. All it takes is one piece of lost luggage to ruin a vacation...more

Ship it home, don't lug it

When Island hopping, don't try to lug your souveniers from Island to Island. Pack them in a box and ship them home. You think you'll save money by carrying it in your...more

A Must do in Maui!

as we all love an adventure- The bike ride down the Volcanoe is a must do adventure for even the mildest of enthusiasts. You can sign up at your hotel and there are several different...more

cost saving tip

We always get the Entertainment book for Hawaii and book alot of things while we are there. You can get great deals on hotels, discounts on some fine dining and shows. One can save a...more

Packing Light

Loving Hawaii I pack very light when I go there. One carry on, one Purse, one laptop (for loading photos and email) One camera bag. So While I am in Hawaii I go shopping. Of course...more

Best Maui Luau plan ahead!

To get into the Old Lahaina Luau-Awarded Maui's Best Luau, you have to plan ahead! Some reservations are needed at least three months or more in advance. Many activities can be...more

For Fanatic Foodies, the Essence of Maui

This could be the Maui of 25 years ago. Before mega-lane highways, before commercial hotel luaus. It certainly is the best of Maui today. There is a tiny restaurant, set on the...more


The Entertainment Book is sold in all 50 states. You can go on-line and purchase a book for around $30. The coupons in there are great when traveling. I went on-line and bought one for...more

Hawaii on a budget

Hawaii hotels can be very expensive! But many Hawaiians have an "ohana" which is a guest house on their property. We spent 3 nights on Oahu, 5 nights on Maui and 3 nights on...more

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