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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Hawaii.
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The Best Kauai (Please Read Before You Go!)

If you're seeking luxurious spas and name brand shopping, then Kauai is not the island for you. But if you fancy yourself a bit of a Robinson Crusoe (and Anthony Bourdain), read on...more

Gifts to bring home

The ultimate gift to bring home from Hawaii is sweet, ripe pineapples. The best in the world.   more


DON'T OVERPACK! Pack only your bare essentials which should only fill up half or less than half of a large suitcase. You'll only need one or two sets of very lightweight...more

Ship it home, don't lug it

When Island hopping, don't try to lug your souveniers from Island to Island. Pack them in a box and ship them home. You think you'll save money by carrying it in your...more

Packing Light

Loving Hawaii I pack very light when I go there. One carry on, one Purse, one laptop (for loading photos and email) One camera bag. So While I am in Hawaii I go shopping. Of course...more

Saving money

Hawaii is expensive! Most people, especially families, know it's best to get a condo or hotel with a kitchen. If you do, and are staying on Maui, stop at Costco as you leave the...more

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