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Sax n' Art Jazz Club, Ho Chi Minh City

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SCAM: Do not inform you of 80k cover charge and 2.5% credit card charge beforehand

Posted on: October 17, 2012 at 1:00PM

By Guest

SCAM! Beware of additional charges that they do not inform beforehand: 1) VND 80k per person cover charge - nothing included 2) 2.5% credit card charge for payments with credit cards They do not inform you beforehand! Three of us went to have a nice evening of music and drinks at around 1030pm on a Wednesday night 17/10. The music wasn't too bad but I would not categorize as your typical Jazz. I was told by my friend that the saxophonist was actually the owner of the place (he had CD's of his performances to be sold at the back). It wasn't very crowded and the audience were quite laid back. When we decided to leave at around 1130pm, we were hit by a cover charge of VND 80k per person. This amount is extortionate (USD 4) for Vietnam standards whereby the cover charge concept is non-existant. Also, the extortionate portion is that the staff did not bother to inform us about the cover charge when we walked in - it was written in the menu as small print on the bottom. This is a SCAM practice. Then the second SCAM was when I paid using my credit card, they imposed a 2.5% of credit card charge on the total amount. Again, I was not informed of this additional charge when I presented my card. When I was presented with my credit card bill to sign, I thought something was amiss with the total. However, it was only when I asked for a copy of the receipt that I found something was amiss as they presented me with a receipt that stated the total amount charged and not the original receipt. I went back to the counter to ask about the discrepancy but was told the lame 2.5% credit card charge. In my 6 months in Saigon, I was only charged the 2.5% credit card charge in two other places out of the hundreds I've been to and everytime, I was informed beforehand. This is a SCAM practice. Conclusion: will not go again and will not recommend

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