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Kee Club, Hong Kong

Kee Club only if you're pretty white

Posted on: April 11, 2014 at 11:41AM

by everywhere
Kee Club looks nice but who would want to spend an evening in a museum with fossils who can hardly dance? Or see in the dark? But what ruined our evening, lovely with friends till then, was the downright racist door policy --- and no I can assure you it wasn't because we were not members because none of us was but we arrived separately and some of us were deemed too non-white by the director Marc David Nathan who happened to be flirting with a blond married lady at the door. Mr Nathan's personal and random application of the 'members only' rule created a whole cagey atmosphere, not conducive to relaxation or fun. It is also illegal for a club holding a members license to let in non members, we later found out after some research. So ladies and gentlemen, head to Kee Club only if you're pretty white, and at your own risk.