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India User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about India.
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Tour Company to India

Does anyone have feedback/experience with Original World /Spirit of India tours?   more

Bandstand Revival in Mumbai

Mumbai has up to 9 bandstands scattered all over, these used to be places of joy, culture and fun, during the British era. Today these bandstands are being revived again featuring the...more

Farmers market in Mumbai

Recently I read an article on artifical ripening techniques used by fruit sellers. A long list of chemicals which are banned world wide (but not in India) are used by these people...more

TraveL agents-India

Choose your travel Agent and tour operator for India Excursions very carefully!Many Travel agents and Tour operators require 100% of the full price of the tour paid in advance, once you...more

Excellent Tour Leader in India

Last January my 14-year old son and a couple of friends and I went to India on a tour that was lead by Mr. Satish Rana of North South India Tours...more

Blue Mango Spiritual retreat in the Himalayas

I have for long been searching for a great spiritual getaway in the Himalayas in India region. However, everything i found was either too spartan, uninspiring or with strong religious...more

user review | Eating: Niros Restaurant, Jaipur


I can bet for delicious butter and tandoori chicken.This taste not available anywhere in the world.   more

user review | Eating: Indigo, Mumbai

Best meal in India

I was at Indigo in March 2009 with my mom and a friend. I have been to India several times. This was my first trip to vibrant Mumbia. We accidently found Indigo while walking back to...more

Need car and Driver in Mumbai

I have cruisers (2) disembarking Mumbai March 11, 2010 Amsterdam about 8 a.m. The first day they want to drive to Pune , India to visit the Hard Rock Café. It is about 90 miles...more

Caravan Delhi Homestay, Amazing Exprience

Thoroghly enjoying my stay at Caravan Delhi Homestay, I wanted to answer the Talwar's request for a review. The family is very friendly and they really take care of you during your...more

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