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Ayana Resort and Spa, Jimbaran

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Posted on: November 5, 2012 at 8:43AM

By Guest

Welcome to the Ayana - the door opens on room 1369, it is really small, and you are immediately hit by the powerful smell of the mould. There is mould staining the entire large mirror and the pillows were stained by black mould marks. You canít lie on the day-bed because the smell of mould makes you feel sick and smell, we had to wash clothes and shower after sitting on it. The ceiling fan couldnít be used as it was really noisy and nearly falling of the ceiling and the bath was designed for a gnome. Oh all of this for AUS$500 a night !!! The Ayana is kidding everyone if it thinks it is 5 stars. What rip off !! Also I was travelling with a friend. We both handed over our credit cards on check-in. That day Ayana took the entire charge of the room from my card; and then also took a 2nd charge for the entire cost of room from my friendís card. When we checked out they again took a 3rd entire cost of the bill from my friendís credit card. So all in all they were paid 3 times. At the time of writing this we have not received our money back and are down about AUS $2200 Unprofessional, cheats, dirty and a rip off. The visit at Ayana ruined my entire holiday. They have not answered my emails and now it looks like they have stolen my AUS $110. Visit at your peril.

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