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How to Ace a Flight---Clear, Rested, and Free!

By Guest
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Posted on: November 23, 2008 at 4:56PM

These tips can be used on any flight, but since flying to Israel is quite long, I thought this would be a good place to post. When I first began to fly, I would look forward to my trip so much, but in the back of my mind I would need to brace myself, knowing I would have a stuffy head for the first few days. No matter how many pieces of gum I chewed or how many times I opened my mouth widely, I would still experience terrible stuffiness in my head due to the air pressure changes during flight. The pain was terrible, the discomfort even worse. A physician recommended that I squirt a nasal decongestant spray 20 minutes before take off (and again 20 minutes before landing on longer flights). Since I started this over a decade ago, I have not experienced a single stuffy head after flying! I cannot promise that it will work for others, but I have recommended this to a number of people, and they, too, have had good results! Enjoying a “clear landing” has meant the difference between good health and feeling lousy during trips! Sleep is always important to me, and if possible I like to sleep on a long flight. I take bags of Sleepy Time tea to drink after the first meal, and taking melatonin also helps my level of deep sleep. An eye mask is also useful if fellow passengers leave their windows up. Plugging in headphones to low-noise music or programs helps filter sound. Also, perhaps the best flight tip of all: remember to accrue frequent flyer miles! For example, 2 RT flights to Tel Aviv gave me enough to fly into Vancouver and back from Alaska with Continental. Other ways to accumulate miles are through partner credit cards, hotels, car rentals, banks, and various merchants. Even if you fly on a particular airline, you can request for your miles to be counted with another partner airline (particularly helpful if you have more miles with that partner). When I first began flying, I did not realize how beneficial frequent flyer programs are. I thought a complimentary ticket was unattainable, when in fact it’s not difficult! Even those who do not fly often can take advantage of the creative methods available! Enjoy your flight! report a problem

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