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Understanding "Israely" and some legendary Humus.

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Posted on: August 17, 2009 at 2:19PM

Israel. An ancient mysterious land, highly modern today and rich with versatile landscapes and cultures. The official language here is Hebrew, but you rarely hear it nowadays. It has been replaced by the Israely language. Spoken very loudly most of the time (a bit less then the American language), you can hear it on the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and all across Israel. Much like the French language, which is pronounced differently then it is written, the Israely phrases and words are different then their dictionary translation. It's important to keep that in mind when one speaks Israely to you in order to avoid a misunderstanding. For one, the phrase "Yee'heeye beseder/ Al tid'ag", which is commonly used and literally means "It will be o.k". Its real meaning when used is " I have no idea/ We're all going to die". Examples: "Do you think I can pet this donkey? he looks a bit mean." "Al tidag. he's harmless". "Do you think maybe we should have taken a left back there? We just passed a sign saying: "Closed military zone". "Naaah. Al tid'ag. yee'heeye beseder". "Does this Humus looks fresh to you?" "Yeah sure. You worry too much. yee'heeye beseder". So when people tell you "fine" or "beseder" or "yee'heeye beseder", just make sure that you have a valid life insurance and travel health insurance. Another nauance between the Hebrew and the Israely language is the meaning of words that describes the concept of time. For instance, the phrase "Od Shniya" that literally means "In a second" really means "It will take a really long time". And the phrase "Od me'at", that it's literal translation is "Soon", means "Indefinatly". Examples: "When will the food get here?" "Od shniya. Al tid'ag". "I have to leave to Jerusalem today. when will my car be ready?". "Od me'at. Al tid'ag, Yee'heeye beseder". " We've been waiting in the E.R for 45 minutes! I'm bleeding from my eyes. when will we see a doctor?" "Od me'at. Al tid'ag." If you are in an emergency and these are the answers you get, i suggest you clarify that there's an emergency going on. * All of the above is based on real life events that actually happened. And since we've brought up Humus, which is your duty and privilege as a middle astern traveler, here are the top three Humus places in Israel, ranked by vigorous native humus explorers that dedicated their lives to clear this very important controversy - where can you find the best Humus? 1. Abu Hassan (Ali karawan's restaurant) - 14 Shivtai Israel St., Jaffa. No bigger consensuses could be found in the middle east. This is the #1 humus. Probably the best humus in the world. Order the Masabakha or the Meshulash (the Triangle: Humus, Masabakha and Ful.) 2. Said - Located in the old city market of Acre (Akko). Order the Mashausha (or the Mahluta if you're into Ful.) A bit heavy on the oil but it's worth it. just looking at it your haert goes aster, and you thank god or whtever that you are alive. 3/4. Humus Lina - Aqbat al- Hanaka 42 st., near the via de la rosa, Christian quarter, Old city of Jerusalem. A Jerusalemanian establishment. Of course order the masabakha. 4/3. Abu Adham - Located in the center of the villige Yassif (infront of the Post office). A more lemony humus that melts in your mouth. a big fight between this humus and the one above. You can happily judge for yourself. report a problem

Posted on: September 07, 2009 at 7:23PM

funny you should say that. check out this israely commurcial: the driver says: "number 57, how do you say in english..."

Posted on: September 07, 2009 at 7:21PM

funny you should say that. check out this israely commurcial: :D don't be fooled.

Posted on: August 30, 2009 at 8:47AM

Just rember the hotel is for breakfast only other then that eat local, ask you cab driver or some one walking on the street,

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