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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Israel.
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Understanding "Israely" and some legendary Humus.

Israel. An ancient mysterious land, highly modern today and rich with versatile landscapes and cultures.The official language here is Hebrew, but you rarely hear it nowadays. It has...more

Smart Tip when going to israel

When going to Israel, put all your money in a money belt when traveling, and put your money belt in a safe place (preferably under multiple layers of shirts), to keep your money safe....more

Sabbath meals

In addition to the large breakfast buffets, most hotels have an even better hot Saturday lunch buffet with fish and meat dishes. It isn't included but worthwhile anyway and a...more

Can't miss spot in Israel

My favorite place in Israel is Caesaria (cesara) it is between Tel Aviv and Haifa on the coast. The site is an archeological dig where they unearthed cities and an even an amphitheater....more

Best food in the Middle East

Israel has the best dairy products to be found anywhere. All the cheeses and yogurts are fresh and delicious, and topped with their cucumbers and tomatoes, there's nothing better....more

Dead Sea

Most tours of Israel include a quick stop/drive through Ein Gedi but to really get the benefits from the Dead Sea - and they are many - you need to stay a few days. Your muscles,...more

An archeological dig is a great family activity

Kids as young as 5 can participate in an archeological dig at Beit Guvrin Naational Park on Tel Maresha. The dig, supervised by a graduate student, lasts only 3 hours. Adults and kids...more


When taking long flights, I like to take a large print, short story book. It is easier to read and you can take frequent brakes.   more


When we went to Israel this spring we did not want to pay for checking an extra bag to bring home souveniers. Instead, we packed old, worn clothing, especially underwear and...more

user review | See + Do: Jerusalem, Jerusalem

Tour guide

I just returned from a 17 day trip to Israel and spent a week in Jerusalem. The best time was when we used Sam Salem as a tour guide. He has special access to many things including The...more

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