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Manta Ray, Tel Aviv

Mantaray - More Like Up its own A** Aray !

Posted on: June 29, 2010 at 9:36AM

by diesel13
Ever since I have come back from Israel, while staying in the popular Neve tzedek I have been dying to sink my teeth into reviewing this absolute mess of a restaurant. As someone who enjoy good food and fine wines while at the same time appreciating quality service I was so upset to see how this restaurant has just become full of itself. I was particularly quite unimpressed when my wife was turned away at 4:00 PM by the security guard who told her that if she wanted a coffee she should go to a coffee shop and that they serve food here (Iím surprised he did not instruct her just to blatantly f**k off). The Restaurants I go to in Israel are about food, and quality service. I donít know how on earth this place is going to remain the institution it once was. I recommend firing all of your staff for a start and then taking one good look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you do (itís called the service industry because you are supposed to be providing it as such). If you guys wanted a night club then just call it the Mantaray night club and put 2 bouncers at the door. I am so glad that after spending nearly $10,000 in Israel with my family that I did not spend one red cent in here! To think that I remembered coming here with my fiancťe and introducing my mother to her. How dare these people destroy the image of a great restaurant! SHAME ! SHAME ! SHAME !