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Mozaik, Old City

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The perfect dinner

Posted on: September 3, 2009 at 2:16PM

By Guest

That was one of the best dinner I've had. The weather was the perfect one, the view couldn't be better and the place was magical. Just the enviroment in Istambul is special itself but the food, typycal turkish food but also international food, and the excelent service we had made of our dinner a good moment and one og the memories I will keep from istambul. I truly remember one of the waiters, they all were nice, funny but also gentlemen but, this one, got my heart that nieght. I nowadays regret dont tell him anything and I came back with that little sweet pain. If someone knows how to get in touch with that restaurant please, let me know to my email address And if you are planning to go to Istambul dont hesitate and reserve with Mozaik. It will be very special, I swear.

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