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The Feast of St Mark in Venice

By Guest
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Posted on: September 17, 2012 at 11:58PM

Before i went to venice, i just check the information of it in Feast of Saint Mark in Venice commemorates every April 25 the day of death of Evangelist Mark (Marco), Patron Saint of the city of Venice. The day is filled with religious celebrations and processions that are directed towards Basilica of San Marco in the presence of most important city authorities. Nell'omonima square that houses the church adagiano are numerous stalls sell the famous "bocolo", the bud red rose traditionally given by the Venetians to their loved ones: girlfriends, wives and mothers! The festivities, renamed for this why Bocolo Feast, draws to memory the deeds of famous Saint Mark seems that life has evangelized nations Venetian. It became as undisputed symbol of Venice, transfigured through the icon of lion winged. Armed sword and fitted with book recites the Latin phrase "Pax tibi Marce Evangelist meus "(Peace be with you or my Mark Evangelist). The book is open on time peace, was shown closed and accompanied by a sword with the tip bloodied and time to heaven in times of war. The relics were transferred smuggled from Alexandria of Egypt to Venice under a load of meat pork in 828 through two Venetian merchants gone down in history Buono da Malamocco and Rustico da Torcello. The load was left switch by customs checks because, being composed of Muslims, these were disgustati from that type of meat and preferred not to get hand. Among the most visited monuments and admired the world, the Basilica of Saint Mark deals a privileged place in the hearts of Venetians because, in addition to honour saint patron, every detail is decorated with gold, sculptures and works art and earn as booty in historical victories of the Serenissima Republic. Inside the precious Pala d'Oro covered with precious stones is considered by centuries object of worship and therefore placed behind the altar major. Mythology, religion and tradition intertwine between past and present this April 25 by Venetian contours romantic and fiabeschi. The Feast of Saint Mark called into question as a saint patron, two legends and a tribute floral. Yes, because in addition to join in procession to commemorate the death of known evangelist who gave the symbol of winged lion to the city, is among the Venetians customary to give a rose bud to his beloved, bud granting in fact a name Alternatively: Day of "bocolo". At the origin of the tradition rincorrersi between history and legend of two others on April 25. The first call to the love between a troubled noblewoman and a troubadour, who, for win the social distance that separated the two promised, tried to obtain war the value needed to decrease, but hapless fell wounded death over a rose garden and tinted roses white with the blood of his wounds. A messenger brought a bud of those roses as the last pledge of love the noblewoman who was found without life the next day, April 25, with that symbolic gift on the chest. The second recalls an unexpected love between two young men belonging to families enemies, that made the day 25 blossom with their union a rose garden Left for too long because the examination hostility between the two families. A rose garden surrounded by mystery because from the place of burial of St. Mark, the patron saint who returns to close the circle of that vortex of I believe, mystery and romance that is the "Feast of boccolo of Venice." report a problem

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