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Italy User Posts + Reviews

Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Italy.
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Ah, The Vatican

I cannot recommend more highly booking a private tour of the Vatican - the most magnificent Bascilica on earth! We arranged to have our guide pick us up at our hotel and when we...more

Take the Finicular!

When we took the boat over to Capri from Sorento, we disembarked at the main dock, looked around for direction and saw signs with arrows pointing to the town center. So we began what...more


Squarciafico in Invrea Piazza - amazing food and wine in a converted 15th century wine cellar. Highly recommend!   more

Rome: don´t rent a car!

Traffic is a mess and there is no parking place at all! Rent a motorcycle, it will be fun and you'll go everywhere   more

Florence without a plan is indeed the best plan!

With only 6 hours to enjoy Florence, I intended to make a plan. Helpful travel guides recommended reserving Uffizi tickets ahead of time, so naturally, I took heed and booked them...more

Pack Light

put 1/2 of the clothes you think you'll need back. Cars are small so large suitcases don't fit in the trunk so there are now weight limits when traveling. I have found that...more

Sorrento Cooking School

The Sorrento Cooking School is located within the Giardino Delle Esperidi of Raffaella D’Esposito and her family, a well known resort of the “Penisola Sorrentina”. The School, which is...more

Hotel Eden, Alassio. Italy

We spent a great week at Hotel Eden. We had a top floor room that looked out at the Mediterranean Sea. Very quaint and the owner was so proper at first but we became real friends...more

Wonderful day

Find the Antinori restaurant if you don't have reservations sit in the bar and make sure they know you want to eat whenever possible.We always just ask the chef to feed us his...more

Rest Up for Rome

After our 10 hour flight to Rome, we were allowed to check into our room after an hour or so. We walked to a neighborhood basilica, had a bite to eat then headed back to the room for a...more

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