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Amangani, Jackson 

GORGEOUS, but far from perfect.

Posted on: September 27, 2009 at 11:32AM


by ellenha
From 8/19/08 The location, setting, design and architecture of this hotel are stunning. The views are breathtaking, and that in itself may be worth the very steep prices and may perhaps make up for some snafus - just be prepared for service that is not 5star and for some "tiredness" around the place (carpet and curtains that need to be replaced etc). The staff was always friendly and tried to be helpful, but time and again things were forgotten or botched (they arranged horseback riding for us, told us we had to be there at 8:30am when we didn't have to be there until 9am - would have loved that extra 30mins of sleep; we had to repeat our dinner reservation request three times to three different people before it was correctly booked and had a similar situation with the spa; an order for 2 iced teas to-go confounded multiple staff people in a virtually empty dining room - no ice, no lemon etc etc). But there is no place I'd rather stay in Jackson - the views and location are just unbeatable (much prefer it to the Four Seasons). But you need to come with expectations somewhat lower than they probably should be for an Aman resort, especially at these prices. Most of the staff are very young and not trained and/or equipped to respond efficiently to some pretty basic requests - there the Four Seasons is the clear winner. Ahh, but the beauty of out the many perfectly placed windows and decks of the Amangani - really can't say enough about it. So it depends on what's most important to you.