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Snake River Grill, Jackson

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Good food; Diabolically horrendous service

Posted on: August 2, 2009 at 10:13PM

By Guest

I took my daughter and her friends to Jackson’s Snake River Grill on the advice of a web page on July 29, 2009. In spite of the fact that they kept commenting on how nasty the waitress was, they loved the food. I had a different experience but I did not say anything at the time which would have spoiled my daughter’s experience. I ordered a Margarita from the menu and when it came it was that Suiza Margarita mix that comes in a plastic bottle. I asked the waitress if it was the Margarita from the menu (Which said “Patron Silver, Grand Marnier and Lime Juice period”). She said, sorry, it was the house margarita and she took it back to replace it with the margarita from the menu. When she returned, she delivered the exact same Suiza Margarita mix. Either the bartender and the waitress were having a feud, or else she was playing me for a fool. My daughter’s young friend drank the “margarita” that I couldn’t stomach. I really hate it when restaurants do not honor the spiel they print on their menus. The Snake River Grill has a real problem controlling their employees or else, they are directing their employees to cut corners in this way. My advice is to let the buyer beware. This is a restaurant that I will avoid in the future.

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