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Jake's, Treasure Beach

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Jakes does not live up to it's reputation

Posted on: June 18, 2009 at 7:37PM

By Guest

Jakes may have been something special at one time but it is now run down and without the advertised charm. I am a big fan of small, unique accomodations that offer a true local experience. My husband and I have been to Jamaica many, many times and stayed at every type of hotel you can think of, in every part of this beautiful island. Jakes was not a good value for the money. The pool was filthy, the beach was not only too rocky to even think about entering (and I am from New England!) but had traces of an oil slick on the sand. The food was terrible (except for nearby Jack Sprats). The AC was not functioning well , there was no ceiling fan and there were no screens on the windows (but plenty of bugs). The rooms were dark, uncomfortable and badly in need of renovation. The photos shown on this and many other web sights do not accurately depict this property. I would recommend several other boutique hotels that better deliver the laid back atmosphere that Jakes is known for. It's time that travel magazines and celebrities move on from hyping this property.

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