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Sandals Montego Bay, Montego Bay

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Pray you don't get sick!

Posted on: February 25, 2013 at 12:24AM

By Guest

My wife and I spent 10,000+ on a vacation for this New Years. I had been gone for quite some time so I figured we would splurge 50 or so percent more than normal on a vacation. I expected it to be a good time, as the majority of it was, but I can tell you that I had some customer service warning flags early on when interacting with Sandals reps on the phone prior to our arrival. Basically I had a bad taste in my mouth before we arrived so therefore I even told my wife that I am going to try to have a positive outlook here so that I our money, and more importantly, our time is not wasted due to my negativity. So upon arrival we ended up meeting some really great tourist mates and had a ball. We pretty much enjoyed ourselves greatly right up until I began feeling ill. Basically I began feeling the symptoms of the sickness around 8PM or so, but since I was involved in a show I couldn’t just cut and run. Once the show was over my wife came up to me and asked what I wanted to do next but I stated that I needed to go to the room immediately. We went to our room, and about 20 minutes later the vomiting and diarrhea began and did not cease for about the next 14-16 hours. The hotel took quite some time during the sickness to find us a ride to the hospital. There was no on site shuttle, and the taxi was called eventually but arrived quite some time after our initial request. The only compensation the resort gave us was the room at Montego Bay was free for my extra day, but that doesn’t affect me much since I was still billed the $600 for the room at Royal Caribbean. I also was completely incapacitated for 2 whole days. In addition, when I could once again somewhat eat and move around, my normally very social personality was limited in the fact that with even tremendous effort, I could only produce whispers when speaking for an additionally 48 hours. This was not minor food poisoning. You can view my correspondence with Sandals beginning at the bottom and travelling in time as you go up. They have a very legalistic response trying to cover their tracks so their attitude toward actual customer service is fairly obvious. I am just stating, be careful. You are not in the U.S. or a European country. You are in a third world poverty stricken nation. They even warn you upon arrival that you may have travel sickness. Well, I can tell you that I have been to many different countries in my life, and the only ones that I have ever had “travel sickness” are Jamaica, and a few other third world countries in Asia. When they took my blood sample they squirted it from the IV tap into a test tube and made a bloody puddle on the floor with what missed. They also would not treat me until my credit card cleared with each additional treatment. I gave them plenty of time to respond to my information with the doctor’s note and receipts. They have been given at least 2.5 weeks time. Yet I have no response or apology. I'll link a video to this review later on once I edit out any identifiable information from it so that you can somewhat experience the severity of the sickness I contracted while there. If you are willing to chance it, have fun and meet some fun people. If you do though, know the embassy’s number, know which hospital to go to and how to get there quickly. And by a GSM go phone with an international SIM card before you go because your Verizon phone will get NO reception regardless of plan leaving you at the whim of hotel staff that treats you as a commodity rather than a human being. There's a limit here on characters so check tripadvisor for my whole review.

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