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Prada, Aoyama-Omotesando

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Prada Schmada

Posted on: September 17, 2010 at 2:26AM

By Guest

The Prada staff in Aoyama are happily totally friendly and unpretentious, and unlike some of the other shops nearby (the very self-conscious Commes des Garcons comes to mind), they haven't got a snobby bone in their bodies, and yet their Prada goods are...well...Prada, and often works of fashion art. Shopping there is accordingly a delightful experience - if you are the right size, that is. The appeal at this particular Prada is the warpy-glassy building, though, whimsically, sleekly designed by a European, and where the sorry moss outdoors is constantly dying and hordes of mainland Chinese and lost-looking gaggles of budget French tourists congregate to take photos commemorating their stylish adventure in Aoyama. Tokyo Prada is a disappointment for anyone not of strict international model size - they don't carry anything but. Outside Prada's entrance in a bizarre parking area where on busy days you will find questionably employed Japanese men in very flashy foreign sports cars (Maybachs are absent here) showing off their ludicrously incongruous and, one imagines, quite recent affluence. At the opposite end of the street is the torii-gated entrance to the Meiji Shrine, right after a bridge over the train tracks where tourists can find the generally affable, outlandishly dressed goths and lolita kids, who look like they have spent every yen they ever owned on go-for-broke fashions they dare wear only on Sundays. Many look absolutely sumptuous, perfection embodied, while others - their lack of confidence is palpable and they scream fashion victim. Take your camera.

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