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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Japan.
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Eat it all!

And no, I don't mean eat everything in sight. What I mean is try everything, and this doesn't just apply to food. My motto throughout our trip to Japan was "I came...more


I love Tokyo and the crazy cuisine, but often after a few days in Japan, I need a solid, meal withouth any surprises. It helps to learn a few japanese words, like chicken or vegatarian....more


A general tip, Japan is well organized country. I take a small backpack with me that has enough room to carry one or two days clothes and limited amount of things needed to get ready....more


Central Kyoto is easy to walk but put on comfortable shoes.. and note that on my tour, you can always hop the subway back across town. Do all the big tourist stuff 1st; then hit some...more

3 months in Japan

My name is David and I am planning to be in Japan in March to May. This is a trip to discover a different side of Japan that the average tourist dose not get to see. I was in Japan 2...more

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