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Need some advice or have your own recommendations? This is the place to ask questions, share tips, and sound off about Japan.
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Purchases in Tokyo

Hi - what is the best way to pay for goods and services in Japan? My credit card company charges a 1% transaction fee on all purchases. Should I get yen in the U.S. before I leave? ...more

Secret to ATM Cash Withdrawals in Japan

Most Japanese or expats know that the Japanese bank's ATM machines are one of the few in the world that is not connected to the Star/Plus or any other "foreign" networks...more

Travel Tip

Probably my best travel tip for those of us traveling outside the borders of our own country is to check on potential fees assessed by different credit card companies regarding how they...more

100 yen!

Don't miss these chain of stores! You can find great housewares, souvenirs and gifts at the 100 yen stores. They have much better quality items than the dollar stores in america....more


Be sure to have cash or a credit card with you. I made the mistake of having just my debit/bank card and I could not make a purchase nor get any cash!   more

inexpensive fresh meals

this is nothing new 2 frequent travelers 2 japan, but this country has best convenience store food. yes! food. real food. if u can find a natural lawson even better. this chain has...more

Eating in

This is really a general tip but I discovered it in Japan because I would always forage for breakfast rolls or the like and bring it back to our hotel room. Most rooms come with two...more

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