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The Mediterranean Gourmet, Haena

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Not what was expected.

Posted on: March 31, 2009 at 8:38PM

By Guest

My husband and I went to the Hanalei Colony Resort's restaurant during our trip to Kauai based on your review of the place. We expected to find a fun atmosphere and good food. If a little expensive. This was the only thing that we found that wa right on. It was a little expensive, even for what I expect coming to Hawaii. The atmosphere was bland as well as the food. The hummus had no flavor and the waiter hardly gave us any bread to eat the dip. My husband liked his fish entree but his rice was so old and crucnchy he didn't even try to eat it. I ordered the seafood risotto, it was not any risotto that I have ever tasted before. It was mostly odd tasting mush with very little shrimp. The color was the only thing interesting, a very very bright yellow- it looked dyed. The dessert was very good, our waiter brought us a baklava on the house. I think he realized we weren't thrilled. The restaurant has a great location if off the beaten track. If the resort put out a little more effort they could have a great restaurant.

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