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The Mediterranean Gourmet, Haena

A poor choice for a very expensive celebration!

Posted on: August 7, 2009 at 4:10AM


by PeakClimber
I decided to write the review for the Mediterranean Gourmet on this site because it was recommended to us by a concierge, and I am hoping other concierge will see this review and recommend another location. My husband and I went to dinner here during our 3rd anniversary vacation we recently took to treat ourselves. Kauai is a beautiful location with, for the most part, wonderful people. Our experience at the Mediterranean Gourmet in Haena was certainly the worst and most disappointing part of our trip. The atmosphere was bland; the live musicians weren't playing Mediterranean music or even Hawaiian but a bad rendition of what they play in elevators today. Our waiter was so slow that it took forever for us to get a drink and it wasn't even delivered by our waiter. I am completely serious when I say this was a bean pole version of Eyor walking around with a pad and pen. Our food was tasty but luke warm with slightly crunchy day old rice. For the prices that were on the menu this location was certainly not worth the money. We chose this location from a recommendation with our concierge and we saved the restaurant for our "special anniversary dinner celebration” it was a huge disappointment. We went to Bar Acuda the following night on a recommendation by a local beachcomber we found, ironically just a way down the road from the Mediterranean Gourmet, and it was wonderful. The atmosphere was lovely, the food excellent and both my husband and I felt we received more than a fair value for the pricing. Another irony, the local girl we spoke to actual told us that she wouldn't go into this restaurant anymore herself, even though she lives right across the road!