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Amantaka, Luang Prabang 


Posted on: September 17, 2010 at 3:18AM

by Atlantic
I was at Amataka around when it opened and frankly, I found it a considerable disappointment. The staff evidently thinks that scattering plumerias in the tubs and lighting several thousand little candles around this former hospital does the trick (you sleep in Aman-symmetrical, former operating rooms, IC units, pallitaive care quarters, etc., and the locals swear the spitits of the those who departed in those rooms still occupy them at night!). But the hotel is situated in a blah area and on two sides adjoins semi-slums, and there just aren't enough shade trees to keep the sun off when traveling from, let's say, the former leprosy ward to the medication storage rooms. They've sunk a lovely looking pool in the middle of the lawn, though. But the color scheme in the rooms is white and a sort of murky celadon - and somehow they seem cold and soulless. It's an unusual experience in total, lots of mismtached yin and yang, and even the food we had was forgettable and bland. For an Aman resort, this one seems conspicuously destined to disappoint. The friendly, smiling Lao staff try hard, but for the room rates hey charge there, sorry but it takes a lot more than that.