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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas 


Posted on: February 3, 2009 at 11:32AM

by parislingerie
We went for the largest convention of the year and stayed here. We stayed for four nights, I had a bad time because as soon as monday morning came we were woken up by Jack hammering above our room at 8am. In vegas thats the last thing you want to hear during a hang over! The first night it happened i let it go thinking that it would not happen again the next day. But then they start up the next morning even earlier at 7:15! you would think that they got the picture when the whole floor complained the day before! Another thing, we pay exra for a "poolside view" and they dont even tell us that the pool is under construction and drained out so we get to look at garbage all weekend. When i call guest services to file a complaint the second night the jack hammering was happening, they place me on a "brief hold" for 10 minutes, in which i had to call back a second time before they heard my complaint, they tell me there is no manager in that can stop the horrid noise until after 8 and offer to bring down ear plugs. When our boss that traveled with us compalined yesterday, they admitted to putting us here because we booked through a travel website. When i come to vegas again I will never book a room at HRH again this was the worst stay i ever had!!!