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Luxor Las Vegas Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

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Avoid the Luxor

Posted on: August 8, 2010 at 1:37AM

By Guest

where do I begin... first we get into the hotel room, a spa suite, and use the bathroom sink, and its plugged. Call to the front desk, yes they will get someone up there right away. So we go out, hit the strip for 5 hours come back to our room and its still plugged. So we stop at the front desk on our way out again, explain this is the 2nd time requesting it to be unplugged. We are gone until 2am, come back and sink is still plugged. No one came to fix it. Next morning as we are brushing out teeth, praying we will not have to clean up a mess with a plugged sink, we stop again at the front desk and ask to talk with a manager and this time we show her a photo of the plugged sink, at which point we tell her this is our third attempt to fix this issue. She comps our breakfast and we get the "we will get right on that". She kept her word and it did get fixed finally. For the rest of this over priced hell hole, we were there a week, and one of the 4 "inclinators" was broke the entire time, so everyone crowed into 3, by the way these boxes of horror are not air conditioned and are like an oven. Again on the first night we go to the "MORE BUFFETT" which is more horrible than good and priced high enough to make you think you are getting 5 star cuisine, only you aren't the food is tasteless and under a heat lamp for what I would assume are days. Not once while there did I see anyone replenish the food. 2nd day there in over priced underserviced hell we were supposed to be getting water and a daily paper along with internet service and local calls with our luxury fee. Which by the way internet and local calls are free in any hooker hotel. But not this luxury crapper. We call down to the desk and ask where our paper and water are, we are told that we need to pick them up at the desk, so on our way back that day we stop and ask for our water and paper (truthfully we wanted the water more than the paper) only to be told they aren't doing that any more. By the time we get to our room I am fit to be tied. So I call down and ask for a manager. What I got was a man who didn't know the first thing about customer serivce. I was told and I quote "its not our fault you weren't paying attention when we discussed your amenities" WTF?? How is crappy service and false representation of the Luxor my fault for not paying attention? I have been to a few dive hotels, this was my and my husband's first really nice adult vacation, and it was totally tanked by the horrible service of the Luxor. Their cafe was the only good thing about the entire dump. I made the comment to the waitress at the cafe the food was much better there than at the buffet and she said she knew, no one liked the food there. As for the rest of the hotel, they clearly have the same smoke scrubbers that were originally installed back in the dark ages, because that place reeked to the point of causing migraines. One of their working inclinators walls shook to the point of making me think it was being held together with bubble gum and duct tape. In our room there was a hole, yes a hole in the wall. The couch in the sitting room had God only knows what on it, there was food and other substances, I never want to think about all over it. The bed was lumpy with springs coming up through the mattress and don't even get me started on the fact that there was never, NEVER, a fitted sheet on the bed. Apparently they can only afford flat sheets. I never lifted it to see what the mattress looked like. I was too afraid. Save your money, go to a hotel that has better service and is cleaner. Had I known I would have gone to the MGM or New York. They both were clean and didn't smell like an ashtray.

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